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The ‘Eyes’ Have It: Two Ophthalmological Cases

by George Guess, MD, DABHM Abstract: Two ophthalmologic cases treated homeopathically are presented—iridocyclitis and central serous retinopathy. In each case core mental-emotional characteristics were essential to identification of the indicated homeopathic medicine. The iridocyclitis case responded brilliantly to Calcarea carbonica in ascending potencies, which was prescribed primarily on the basis [Read more...]

A Case of Vitritis, Iritis-Panuveitis, and Retinal Hemorrhage

by Ronald D. Whitmont, MD Abstract: A 70-year-old-male with sudden onset of vitritis, iritis-panuveitis and retinal hemorrhage was successfully treated with the homeopathic medicine Belladonna after treatment failed with corticosteroid drops. The condition responded rapidly and permanently with progressive resolution following  administration of a single dose [Read more...]

PODOPHYLLUM to the rescue!

Patient is a 67 yo woman with chronic diarrhea since total hysterectomy, chemo and radiation for stage 4 uterine cancer diagnosed in 2001.Diarrhea has progressively worsened (all stool cultures and colonoscopy normal) to the point where she has lost much weight (extremely thin, restricted diet [Read more...]


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