Patient is a 67 yo woman with chronic diarrhea since total hysterectomy, chemo and radiation for stage 4 uterine cancer diagnosed in 2001.Diarrhea has progressively worsened (all stool cultures and colonoscopy normal) to the point where she has lost much weight (extremely thin, restricted diet and malabsorption/malnutrition- her total cholesterol was 96!, serum total protein low, WBC’s and RBC’s low, etc).

Genova diagnostics comprehensive stool analysis (CDSA 2.0) showed low pancreatic elastase (she was already taking digestive enzymes) and low beneficial bacteria (on probiotics), but no dysbiosis (no potential pathogens) and no parasites.

On the initial visit her constitutional was not clear but her stool symptoms were characteristic:
Offensive, explosive stool soiling the whole toilet bowl with much gas, especially worse after eating, at least a dozen times a day.Feels weak after stool and has to lie down.She also noticed undigested food in her stool.

Plan: Podophyllum 30c (Boiron), dry dose, bid, call me in a few days. (I prefer Boiron to Hahnemann remedy when I want to repeat the remedy for awhile which I suspected because of the chronicity in this case).

Within a week, bowel movements decreased to loose stools three times a day, less explosive.2 weeks later, stools were partly formed alternating with loose explosive stools. (Became more explosive again- but first time formed stool in years) Plan: Podophyllum 200c (Hahnemann), single dry dose, continue with Boiron 30c (podophyllum) once a day.

2 weeks later:Continuing improvement, more formed stools, occasional loose stools but no longer explosive, she is tolerating more foods such as rice and potatoes (which she could not tolerate before), feels better, more stamina, starting to notice some weight gain.Plan: Podophyllum 30c every other day, discontinue once stools are completely normal.

One month later, recent follow up:She feels great, has 2-3 normal bowel movements a day, has put on a few pounds, diet is much less restrictive,, no longer taking remedy.

Plan: Wait.She has gone from being debilitated to a functioning human being thanks to homeopathy!!