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Homeopathy offers physicians a comprehensive solution in several clinical situations, mainly in situations where the terrain and individual reactions of the patient are involved. Homeopathy’s practice is not just a nosological approach of the patient. Learning the Materia Medica and its therapeutic application cannot be dissociated from clinical observation, which takes into account, on top of the disease’s diagnosis, all …

PODOPHYLLUM to the rescue!

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Patient is a 67 yo woman with chronic diarrhea since total hysterectomy, chemo and radiation for stage 4 uterine cancer diagnosed in 2001.Diarrhea has progressively worsened (all stool cultures and colonoscopy normal) to the point where she has lost much weight (extremely thin, restricted diet and malabsorption/malnutrition- her total cholesterol was 96!, serum total protein low, WBC’s and RBC’s low, …

The Brilliance of Homeopathic Medicine

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Homeopathy Guest Editorial, November 2019;108: 230-231 “You must see and feel the internal nature of our patient as the artist sees and feels the picture he is painting. He feels it. Study to feel the economy, the life, the soul.”  James Tyler Kent, MD  (1849-1916) We homeopathic physicians often lament the lack of allopathic doctors joining our ranks. We wonder who …